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Pressure Washing Insurance

One of the biggest differences between a true professional pressure washing company and a fly-by-night operation is that businesses ability to handle the liabilities of the risks it assumes. While most expensive incidents are due to inexperience or negligence, sometimes things do in fact go wrong and leave someone with hefty repair bills. Bottom line is if a professional service goes in and tears something up on a job they need to be able to pay for it. Most commercial pressure washing customers require proof of insurance and residential customers really should as well.

When it comes to your pressure washing business there are three primary forms of insurance you really should have. Those are:

Liability Insurance - This is similar to the liability insurance you carry with your drivers license and will cover your business should something go wrong on a job. Most commercial services will carry a liability policy of $1 million to $2 million dollars.

Workers Comp - If you are injured on the job workers comp can help cover your medical expenses as well as lost wages for inability to work during recovery. Worker comp varies slightly from state to state, but in general is pretty much the same all over.

Equipment Insurance - If your equipment is financed then it's required that it be insured, but even if it's not financed and worth more than a few thousand dollars you should consider insuring it. You always should have full insurance on your vehicles of course as well.

Some places to find insurance for your pressure washing business:

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